Fee & Schedule

Fees on Our Platform

Catalog Item Fee

Also known as Insertion fees, these are fees you pay to place items on out platform. We provide you with 200 catalog fees per month, over that limit will cost $0.35 per catalog item listing.

Sale Price Fee

The sale price fee is based on the final sale price of your product. Sellers can take advantage of our low fees on every sale! We charge ten percent per the final closing price transaction.

Premium Options

Take advantage of our premium options that enable you to have higher prominence on listing pages, enhanced features to optimize your listings, and more!

Fee Variance

We may charge additional fees for specific categories depending on the size and the particular type of category.

Segmented Sellers

We distinguish sellers into two segments:


  1. Individual
  2. Business


An individual seller can sell only 40 items or less in a month. Yet, you can list 200 items at a time. For listings over 200, you will incur a charge of $0.35 for each listing.

A business seller can sell and list an unlimited number of items. The monthly fee is $38.88.

If you are a business seller, you need to provide an EIN when setting up an account. It is a straightforward process to become a business account member and helps to simplify your life.

Each listed item will expire after 30 days. If you, as the seller, seek to list it again, you must relist it.


Our sellers receive 90% of the transaction sales price while we take a small 10% per final transaction price. Recall that the sales tax of 9.75% is passed on to the buyer.

For example, you, as a seller, sold a product for the price of $100.00. The shipping is $2.00 (the buyer will incur this charge, and the money goes to the seller), and the sales tax $9.75 in this scenario.

Final payment : Imuty processes a payment of $111.75 and distributes $90.00 + $2.00(shipping fee) = $92.00 to the seller. Imuty will then take care of the state taxes ($9.75) and pay it to the necessary state party.

Imuty collects a total of $10 on the overall transaction.

General Terms

These are the general terms regarding seller fees.

Unless noted otherwise, all fees will occur in USD

  • Fees still apply if the category item closes earlier than expected
  • Fees will apply on the present site and partner sites that may arrive in the future
  • Remember to update your payment method as this may cause a temporary limit or suspension on your account
  • We may adopt advertising and display different advertisements from partners on different categories
  • Other Taxes may be an additional cost as per country regulations

Please note that we may have other terms and conditions and will update this page we evolve. Havefun in your selling adventure!